Alan Hadley

Alan has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and has been the lead person as CEO and Director of numerous companies. He currently holds several directorships and sits on the Board of various Organizations. Alan provides solid direction to overall Management team in areas of corporate activities, shareholder value creation, operational and project development.


Maurice Byne

Maurice has owned and operated mining companies, working on sandstone and granite operations as well as extensive experience working with large public mining companies.

Maurice, who is qualified in Finance / Financial Planning, Insurance and Real Estate, provides comprehensive technical expertise within finance, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, joint-venture arrangements, tapping equity markets, banking syndicates and other sources to provide the capital funding for GMUI's mine developments and expansion.

He has extensive experience in preparing off-take development finance packages, insurance wraps, commodity trade exports and trade credit certificates.

As President, Maurice cultivates business relationships to introduce strategic investors and operations partners to all our projects in order to drive new and existing business development.


Laurence Olivier

Larry was an Executive Director of one of South Africa’s largest corporations with extensive international interests in mining, agriculture, retail and property before taking up a directorship with one of Australia’s largest companies. He currently holds directorships in asset management and funding companies. When he retired from the corporate world to start his own consultancy at the relatively young age of 43 he was a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Marketing, and a Fellow of the Retail Management Institute. Over the past 32 years he has advised many private individuals and Companies throughout the world. Larry focuses on start-ups, mergers & acquisitions, strategic management and property.


Brian Jenkins

Brian has been serving the public stock market by way of administration and filing specialties for 10 years. He has built and repaired several companies in just as much time. Although a consultant for most of that time, Mr. Jenkins also operated Public Companies and brought value to shareholders and corporate teams alike. His experience in the corporate administration, combined with a strong network within the financial sectors are fundamental contributions that complement GMUI’s goals and path towards ever growing success.


Brian White

Brian has consulted widely throughout the mining industry and still teaches at the University of Queensland where he continues as an adjunct Professor of Mining Engineering. He is also the Site Senior Executive (SSE) at the University Experimental Mine. Brian has presented/published in excess of 40 papers on a range of subjects including general open cut and underground mining topics, management, R&D and the environment. These include as author and co-editor of chapters in Monograph 12 "Australasian Coal Mining Practice." (3 editions). Brian has made a number of professional study tours and working visits within Australia, and to New Zealand, Eire, Spain, South Africa, USA, Chile, UK, Europe and a number of different countries in South America, Oceania and Asia. These visits have included technical visits to and inspections of coal and metal mining operations, equipment manufacturers and coal and mineral customers.

Patrick Brodnik

Patrick specialises in Internet Marketing, Copyrighting and Global Communications. Patrick holds a Securities and Derivatives License and is certified in Financial Services and capital raising. Patrick has over 20 years’ experience within IT industry and 5 years’ experience in securing Intellectual Property rights for new technologies and inventions.

Patrick previously worked for BHP Billiton and handles the Administration and Human Resources Development Department and spends time with the technical team on research and sourcing new opportunities.


Gavin Brown

Gavin brings almost 50 years of mining experience to GMUI; having completed major civil and mining projects throughout Australia including but not limited to major road construction, civil earthworks and drainage, major Local Government infrastructure and mining projects. Gavin specializes in open-cut development and the infrastructure pertaining to and utilized in the overall production of the product through to the final process stage. During the past decade I have been involved at Senior Management level of major infrastructure expansion in the coal mining area for companies such as BMA, Xstrata and West farmers.

Gavin is a member of the Civil Engineering Institute of Engineering in Australia and hold diplomas in Local Government Engineering in both Queensland and New South Wales. Gavin also has qualifications in Plant Management [both mobile and stationary] within major projects and local and state government organizations. Over the last 5 years, Gavin has been helping prepare feasibility studies and assessing new mining projects with GMUI Geological teams both here in Australia and USA.


Gary Lynch

Gary is a Technical Consultant to Gold Mining USA Inc. Gary has a strong background in Industrial Chemistry and associated mining activities especially in the oil and coal seam gas industries. Gary is a prolific inventor with 21 patents, with the main emphasis in solving environmental issues on mining sites and improving operational efficiencies. The issue of leaking oil and gas wells has been addressed with Patent Au 2013224707 / US Application 14/783,769, the wellhead collection system for fugitive gases and effluent liquids from around drilled wellheads.

Gary is currently CEO of three Australian companies which focuses on providing solutions and addressing the major issues with Coal bed methane mining, providing safer transportation systems and the prevention of air, water and land pollution. Currently in USA; there are 2.5 million oil and gas wells that are leaking and causing catastrophic damages to our eco-systems. Gary has solved many of these issues which he is introducing to GMUI to further develop and commercialize.